“We are far more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to believe we are!”  

~ Nina Manny CHT

    A leading expert in the field of consciousness Nina Manny has established a solid record for mediating rapid perceptual change and positive growth within her clients. Serving as motivational teacher, spiritual advisor and intuitive life coach to a wide variety of people and groups. Nina is also regularly consulted by physicians and medical professionals to work directly with their patients as a whole-person adjunct to their ongoing medical treatment. 

    Whether from her practice centrally located in California, remotely through telephone and video conferencing or on private location, Nina intuitively guides her clients to understand and actualize the energy of their blocks, create purposeful synergic success and experience the higher realms of awareness and direct communication connection with spirit through first-hand experience.

    Nina is a contributing author to “Miracles Happen” by Dr Brian L Weiss through Harper Press 2013, and is now boarded with HayHouse, the world-wide leader in self-help and inspirational media, set to publish in 2022.

About Nina